4 Easy Steps to Start a Terrace Garden

Having a garden that you can tend to is one of the most underrated simple pleasures of life. The winds in your face as you sit on your porch overlooking an ecosystem made by your own two hands can be the one of the most satisfying things in life.

But when living in a city, having a garden can only be a dream sometimes. Cramped for living space, there just isn’t enough space for a garden at you place, so the only solution is to have a roof garden. Roof gardens are made on terraces of buildings and don’t take up extra space. It can be used to grow plants and lawn or even some trees for that matter.

A terrace garden can be just as satisfying and relaxing as a normal one if not more. So lets get you started with your very own terrace garden.

Get Started

There are a lot of things that need to be checked before you start a roof garden on your terrace. You need to check the building plans to see how much more weight the building can take. You need to also check the water proofing of the terrace and the drain system leading out of it. You need a good drainage and waterproofing done to your terrace before you start growing.

Planning the Space

Planning and allotting the space for your terrace garden is the next step. You need to make sure you allot the right amount space for the garden, depending on what you are going to grow there. Most buildings can hold even trees on the roof and planning the garden accordingly is important.

Planning the layout of the garden is also important. Everything cannot be grown in a haphazard manner and the layout itself will take some planning. Gardens are supposed to be beautiful and planning is necessary for that.

Selecting Plants for Terrace Garden

Not everything can be grown on the roof, so it is important to know the right plans for roof gardens. You need to do some research and decide what plants go in the garden. Before you select though, you need to have a decent idea of what kind of roof garden you want to create and go accordingly.

Choosing the Right Soil and Containers

Containers are the homes of the plants and the soil is their food. So it is imperative that you get the right kind of soil for the plants. It should be packed with nutrients and in most cases it is a mixture of different soils in a proportionate manner.